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What is VicitA-2018


VicitA is an Internet service enabling to create and play structured collections of citations of video and audio. There are VicitA-editor and VicitA-player

Main properties of VicitA (created by Vitali Sh. Kaufman) are as follows.

  • Citation collections (contents) can be created in a simple and convenient way
  • Contents can contain citations from different video and audio sources of many different formats
  • Contents can be deeply structured by segments and sub segments
    • no competitor allows that
  • Contents can be shown as the whole
  • Contents are saved in an archive
  • Contents as the whole and specific citations can be found easily (to check and edit)
  • Recent collection and citation are saved to continue the work from the saved state
  • Fragments and segments can be deleted, copied and moved in a native way 
  • Contents could be shared using flexible access rights management
  • Contents could be made available for viewing only by an explicit link, without showing it in the search results
  • Contents can be exported and shown in any browser (of course, not as convenient as by VicitA)
    • Resources spent on the creation of the contents will not be wasted, even if you cannot or do not want to continue using VicitA.

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. You can send them to Vitali Sh. Kaufman. 


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