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Baby boom as a key, hope and support


Baby boom as a key, hope and support


The most pressing problems of modern civilization are usually bashfully ignored.

Instead, other problems (imaginary or real) are intensively discussed, that essentially distracting from the key problems.

The main purpose of the note is not only to honestly point out one of the key problems, but also to propose a possible solution to it.

Taking into account the relatively recently emerging opportunities, and even more so the possibilities of the near future.

Key problem

In my deep conviction, the catastrophic decline in the birth rate should be considered as the main problem of modern civilized peoples that requires an urgent solution.

Other problems generally seen as very important in recent times (climate change, resource depletion, or poverty) are at least quite susceptible to deferment.
The identified problem cannot be delayed, it must be resolved urgently. Otherwise, there will be nothing left of civilization.

On the other hand, solving the problem of fertility creates reasonable hope for solving other real problems.

The essence of the problem

Too often civilized women do not want to give birth. Moreover, the so-called civilized society does not contribute to the emergence of such a desire. And in fact, the society even does not stimulate in any way those who want to give birth.

Modern contraception minimizes the risks of accidental conception and creates virtually no problems for those who use it.

In fact, for the first time in history, a civilized society has created a situation where human happiness (including women’s) for many has become quite conceivable without children.


First of all, the population of civilized countries is aging catastrophically. There is no one to work, especially with their hands.

It becomes necessary to attract migrants in the hope of eliminating labor shortages.

However, migrants in general, especially Muslim migrants, given the rules of receiving them, create more problems than they solve.


Having realized the criticality of the problem, to concentrate the efforts of civilized peoples on creating conditions for the emergence of a new baby boom as soon as possible.

These efforts should be concentrated in at least the following directions:

  1. To create an atmosphere in which parents with children (as well as guardians of foster children) feel the full support of society – material, legal and psychological.
  2. To create effective technologies for growing babies artificially, outside the mother’s body.
  3. Create nurseries for the mass rearing of babies.
  4. To contribute to the creation of an atmosphere when it will be natural and prestigious to adopt children from nurseries (including biologically our own).
  5. To create conditions under which children in nurseries (and from nurseries) will live as comfortable and promising as possible.
  6. To create conditions in which it will be comfortable for those children for whom there were no relatives or foster individual guardians to live.

Expected results

1. The problem of population reproduction in civilized countries will be solved

2. Protection against the influx of migrants will become real.

3. Hope for a successful future of civilization will be revived.


Obvious objections

  1. Impossible. However:
    Artificial uterus and Anton Makarenko’s educational method
  2. Undesirable
  3. Won’t give us what we want
  4. There are better ways

What to do

  1. Discuss
  2. To finance
  3. Support


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