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Grandfater’s dreams



  1. Understanding
  2. Credibility
  3. Health
  4. Hygiene
    • Reasonable cleanliness is a guarantee of health, including the health of civilization. Cleanliness, not sterility :). And it is wiser to be able to clean-filter-clean effectively than to try to prohibit to dirty.
  5. Caring for offspring
    • Taking care of grandchildren is taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself is taking care of grandchildren. Better – a living example.
  6. Cooperation
    • Desirable – in a shared society. One in the field is not a warrior, the crowd has the mind of a baby. The ideal is a balance of interests and skills. Feedback, checks.
  7. Reliability
  8. Morality
    • The rules of life of the ancestors – honor, tfilter, enrich. You are your own head and the strictest judge. Taking into account the rapidly changing life conditions and technical capabilities.
  9. Creation
  10. Joy
  11. Step by step
  12. Persuasiveness

Rationale and explanation

  • I have no desire for originality or desire to be the first.
    So the covenants-theses themselves are not a whim or a tribute to vanity, but precisely the axioms of civilisation, as I now understand them.
    I simply cannot find the vision that I am ready to join, master and accept. Perhaps it exists somewhere.
  • The idea of ​​written laws has had a powerful positive impact on humanity, but by now it needs significant correction. The main reason is that lawmaking does not keep pace with changes in living conditions. The point is not only the speed of change, but also the inadequacy of the laws themselves (primarily due to the way they were created), as well as the inadequacy of the legal profession and the court – the inadequacy for the needs of humanity as a whole and for individual objects of law (individuals and collectives). It is practically impossible to understand and apply laws without the mediation of lawyers, and this mediation often turns out not so much to help as to exploit the client’s legal illiteracy.
  • Instead – morality, taking into account the good of grandchildren (with a planning horizon – beyond life).
    Better, more effective than the law. He will not have time, and democracy will not have time with voting.
    Only morality can save!!! More precisely – reliance on the balance of morality with the law.
  • One of the encouraging corrections to the idea of written laws is the requirement to sharply limit the number of laws in force, together with the requirements for their brevity and comprehensibility, so that any mentally healthy person can thoroughly know and understand them. More on this in my Social Rules.
  • Another idea that has had a positive impact on humanity is the idea of a small number of commandments that define the propagated morality (for example, the commandments of Moses). Unfortunately, such commandments are usually associated with beliefs in specific gods.
    • One of the encouraging corrections to the idea of commandments is to rid them of their attachment to faith, leaving only the connection with caring for posterity.
  • Another useful idea is to avoid prohibitions in the commandments, formulating them, if possible, in the form of positive rules.
  • Also – simplicity and accessibility of formulations
  • To cultivate – because we look beyond the limits of life, and because we need to work continuously and with inspiration to create and preserve what is cultivated.


I am glad to thank Vladimir Chukharev, Nikolai Mustonen, Olga Sviridova-Bondarenko, Olga Kaufman and Elvira Kiuru for the informative comments.

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