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Civil defense on Web


Main goal

To enable the inhabitants of the Web could defend their actions from surveillance and censorship, could defend their data and access rights from the opportunity to forge, destroy, lose or used without authorization, including as a result of hackers attacks

Main reason

  • The world is in fact in the information war
    • The network as the whole is not prepared for such a development
      • Being designed primarily for survival in conditions of physical threats – such as the atomic bombings, the Internet is relatively poorly protected from the information threats of – such as hacking of servers
  • The inhabitants of the Web (including ordinary citizens), left without adequate technical, cultural and organizational support like hostages of attackers
  • That is why the need for “civil defense” in the Web
    • to resist any threat for the basic civilizational values
      • to protect both from accidents and from intruders

What to do

  • cultivate an understanding of the situation, including the level and sources of information threats
  • cultivate the need for civil defense in the Web
  • consolidate citizens that aware of the need of civil defense in the Web
    • including through the network of viable communities
  • create and promote a reliable means of protection
    • including both technical and cultural aspects of the protection
  • educate civil defense

Two main classes of threats

Threats divided into two main classes, depending on their impact on the mode of operation of technical equipment (devices and programs).

That is, the threat based on regular operation mode, we call regular, and the threat based on damaged mode we call haked.

In the first case, the operation usually corresponds to the concept creators and, in general, user expectations, but at the same time for one reason or another have an unpleasant for user effect.

For example, a letter sent to the correct addressee, on the way have been read by someone unauthorized.

In the second case, operation is broken, often malicious. The functionality does not match to the creator idea and to the user expectations. For example, on behalf of the user without his knowledge was sent a letter.


Modern technical means can help cope with them.


  • They in principle can not be finally defeated
    • for any tricky protection sooner or later there will an attacker that is able to force the unit to operate abnormally
      • for example, using sophisticated means of influencing the node owner
  • They can not be defeated only by technical means
    • the technical means necessary to combine with the specific culture of civil defense
      • including civil mutual aid

What we can offer

  • We know how to protect from the regular threats
  • We have ideas on how to strengthen the protection against threats haked
  • We are ready to cooperate on any aspects related to the civil defense on the Web

Expected results

  • Strategy and tactics of civil defense 
  • Prototypes of civil defense tools
  • Counsulting
  • Training
    • including courses on civil defense

Fields of usage

  • Protection from surveillance and censorship, from forgery, against data loss, unauthorized access
  • To preserve the archives, heritage, family history, first-hand history in general, a powerful remedy against the right to oblivion, support of movement for freedom, etc.



D.Sc., PhD Vitali Kaufman


+358 40 0766 171


Nikolai Mustonen


+358 41 5270 089

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