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K-safe – super repository


Why do you need it

• To save any content without censorship and any ability to destroy it, having means to manage access,  in part depending on the time and place

Key features

  • Repository must have the following key features, fundamentally important in terms of its purpose (use as a content storage location):
    • inability to forge content
      • as the documents themselves are placed in the repository, and the history of their placement
        • this is absent, in particular, in conventional and cloud repositories
    • inability to destroy the content
      • level of safety of content should be commensurate with the level of safety-survival of civilization as a whole
    • decentralization — independence from any government or corporation
    • inability to censor the content
  • In other words, the repository corresponds to the V.Sh.Kaufman idea «Immortality (living heritage) in the Web», first presented in 2006 at a conference organized by Microsoft.
    • Items 1,5,9 could be ignored in our case.
  • The latest network technologies (e.g. registration revolution) create confidence that KaufmanICT would be able to present to the customer, at least a working prototype of the repository at scheduled time, spending relatively modest resources
    • It should be emphasized that the benefits of the proposed repository compared to traditional (including the currently fashionable cloud solutions) can not be reduced to the usability and speed of access to the stored content

Key specifics

  • impossibility of forgery noted above
  • unprecedented survival
    • under any circumstances, including force majeure
  • complete independence from centers of influence (including absence of censorship)
  • data security and compliance with the terms of the contract defining data access

Expected results

  • Strategy of implementation of repository
  • A working prototype of the repository

Fields of usage

To preserve the archives, heritage, family history, first-hand history in general, a powerful remedy against the right to oblivion, support of movement for freedom, etc.

Planning Horizon

  • Users will need a repository having K-safe properties, as long as people will want to be human.
    • In other words, K-safe repository serves the basic needs of civilized person.
  • So the planning horizon for the period of application of K-safe – life time of human civilization.
  • Because the K-safe repository serves of spiritual basic human needs, including an information link between generations, the demand for such kind repository will survive current and future technological revolutions of our time.



D.Sc., PhD Vitali Kaufman


+358 40 0766 171


Nikolai Mustonen


+358 41 5270 089

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