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The commandments of programmer

© Vitali Kaufman
Note.  These “commandments” look like rhymed maxims in Russian. Hope that in English I’ve preserved at least their meaning.

To All

  • An explanation indecent without good example.
    • Your example should work, not just to explain.
  • You have to not trust even to yourself. All that done should be checked.
  • What is difficult to understand, unlikely to be used.
  • Yuck into joy!
  • Hold out!

To programmers

  • First of all, your program should work. Optimisation – then.
  • Good new – well accessible from the old.
  • Take care of your health – start from the (simple) tests.
  • Code repeatition – a pledge of troubles.
  • Do not trust anyone. All entrances should be to verified!
  • Diagnostics should always to say: what, where, when.
  • Explanation – silver, by default – gold.
  • Do not change a working program without a very serious reason.
  • Work to shove on user – is like stealing.


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