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Translation into Finnish in process.

Why LIS.

LIS will simplify your life on the web making effective modern style of work with the information your favorite personal style. Follow this style with our LIS quite simply, absolutely nothing extra.

Not sure of the exact meaning of the word or text select it and look for the web, translate or consult experts by a simple click of desired buttons of your always ready LIS.
If you need to register, fill out a form or to pay an invoice without being distracted by the search for your data and, most importantly, with no errors – your LIS helps you. Just click the appropriate field in your Notebook. You and only you have complete control over your Notebook data, and these data are stored only on your device.
Download it now – completely free! (a bit more about installation, Windows yet)


How to work with LIS

A small green icon LIS is located on the task bar (at the right end of it, in so-called system tray), and the desired functions are called by the menu

  • LIS calls the menu when you click the icon by left or right mouse button. The left button sets a preliminary copy mode, the right button sets a mode without copying the selected text.
  • When you first start LIS, icon remains on the taskbar no more than 45 seconds, and then goes in the taskbar notification area,
    • There is no official method to delay the program icon on the taskbar. This is done deliberately in Windows to make impossible to clog the taskbar without the permission of the owner of the device.
  • However, you can easily give such permission to customize the taskbar so that the icon of the LIS did not disappear from the taskbar (you can always cancel the permission).
    • Open the notification area click on the small white triangle on the taskbar.
    • Click inscription Customise opened in the notification area (system tray)
    • Now, in a large window that opens, select the desired icon (ours is called VK_LIS.exe)
    • Set the mode of it Show icon and notifications” insteadOnly show notifications” – this is the default mode
  • How to consult the web using LIS

    • If you want to ask the web, for example, the exact meaning or translation you are interested in words or text, it is necessary first of all to highlight.
    • Next you can use the menu of LIS.
      • Menu operates in two different modes, depending on the button of a mouse clicking the LIS icon
        • preliminary copy mode

          • copy the selected text to the clipboard (Clipboard)
          • click the LIS icon by left mouse button
          • the LIS menu appears
          • click the appropriate buttonservice (e.g Search or Dictionary)
        • without copying mode
          • click the icon by right mouse button (the selected text is saved automatically)
          • click  the appropriate button-service in LIS menu
      • If the desired text is copied to the clipboard (manually or automatically), you can simply click the LIS-icon by left mouse button and select the desired service, clicking the menu that appears.


  • How to use LIS Notebook

    • Notepad lets you save in one convenient place a short recording and use them with a simple click on the name of the recording (for example, when registering on the website, by filling in forms, paying bills, etc.)
    • Notebook – a two-column table that you fill out yourself on your own.
      • The left column – the names of records row, right the values of these names, i.e. your actual recording.
    • How to copy the contents of the recording to the Clipboard
      • Click the left button on the icon, open Notebook and click the name of the desired entry (for example, Name)
        • The value of the recording will be copied into the clipboard and a tooltip showing the name of the record and its current value (for example, Vitali)
      • The value of the Clipboard can now be placed anywhere (for example, required field of a form, etc.).
    • How to deal with links
      • If the contents of the recording a link (eg, https://vicita.eu), then click on the name of the entry will open the link in a browser
      • If you want to put of the link to the clipboard, and not to open it in a browser, you have first to click the LIS icon by the right mouse button, and then click the link name
    • How to edit an entry in the Notebook

      • Click on the LIS icon, open Notebook and click Edit Notebook
      • It opens the table in which you can edit any entry (both name and value), as well as add or delete records (use buttons at the table bottom)
      • By the way, you can always restore the last entry if it has been deleted by mistake
  • What if the LIS buttons do not work

    • This could happen when the Edit Notebook window is still open  close it.

      • In this case, a large LIS icon should be seen on the taskbar
        • If the Edit Notebook window is not visible, click on large LIS icon (it differs in size comparing of normal icons in the tray) – the window will appear in front of you and you will be able to close it
  • How to manage the item Earnings

    • It is not yet ready


    • unzip the .zip file received via the link VK_LIS_zip
    • double-click on VK_LIS/VK_LIS.msi and follow the instructions of the installer
    • The newest version of VK_LIS will be installed.
    • If an earlier version of VK_LIS was installed already on the computer, it would be automatically  replaced by the newest version
      • preserving all your setting and all your Notebook entries, of course.


  • Give permission to install if Windows would ask it.
  • Give permission to antivirus, if it would ask (of course, this is my code and I’ve checked everything)
  • VK_LIS will be installed by default to the folder KaufmanICT / VK_LIS
  • VK_LIS should be automatically launched
  • The corresponding LIS icon is greenhouse (thanks to Valeri Väisanen 🙂) should appear at the bottom right of the taskbar
  • This button should appear automatically when you restart Windows.
  • Just in case: a shortcut to launch VK_LIS manually appears on the desktop
    • As mentioned just above, the icon VK_LIS can be attached to the taskbar via the Customize tray.


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